[Book Review] The Strange Man: The Coming Evil, book 1 by Greg Mitchell

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About the Book:
Dras Weldon is a twenty-two-year-old unemployed washout. He lives in a world populated by horror movies and comic books, content to hide in the shadow of adolescence. Under the scrutinizing eye of his older brother, Jeff, a pastor, Dras lives a life of professed Christianity with very little observable spirituality. He must change. However, when a demon known only as “the Strange Man” comes to his small town of Greensboro and threatens Dras’s best friend, Rosalyn Myers, Dras discovers that only by putting his faith into action can he save his friend from danger. Suddenly he is thrust into a race against the clock and forced to battle demonic forces in an effort to convince Rosalyn to accept Christ and turn away from the coming evil.

About the Author:
Greg Mitchell likes monsters. So much, in fact, he has written this trilogy about a small town learning to take a stand on faith and challenge the dark forces creeping in. Greg is a Christian who believes that the Bible is 100 percent true, and he does his best to live his life according to its principles and write things that help teach others about Jesus Christ. Back in 2001, he co-wrote the novel Time Changer, published by White Harvest Books, with his friend and Christian filmmaker, Rich Christiano. In 2002, Time Changer was made into a theatrically released motion picture, and it is now available on DVD. Greg lives with his wife and daughter in Paragould, Arkansas.

My Review:
Absolutely AWESOME. That’s one of MANY ways that I can describe this debut novel. Greg Mitchell penned this novel with the anticipation that his readers would be engrossed completely by the words, the plot, and the characters. His anticipation was well played because this reader not only become engrossed by this debut, but I became a part of the actual story. It came to life for me, almost as if I was watching a movie, or a real life happening. 

This start to an incredible trilogy, has a little of everything. Creepy and scary, mysterious and suspenseful, good verses evil, faith verses non beliefs. All of it combined, created a wonderful, engaging, and often times, a bit scary, novel. Dras was a wonderfully created character and fit his role perfectly. He was there in that bit of Christian world yet not fully grasping everything big brother Jeff was teaching him. Believing that things don’t have to change, everything, including his relationship with Rosalyn, can stay the same. Through his relationship with Rosalyn, and a few other characters, Draz lent depth and humor to the story.

I loved the way this book keeps you turning the pages long into the night (although I would suggest you not sit near a window while reading this book!), gets you thinking about how evil works it’s way in to the good of the good people, and how, through God and fully trusting in Him you will over come any evil. Added to the story was a bit of romance (I was really pulling for Draz to wake up and see what a catch sweet Rosalyn was!) and, while not being preachy, it spoke in volumes the Word of God.

Definitely a story that I would recommend to all who like the fantasy, scary stories. It’s clean and scary and full of wonderful characters who bring the story to life! Definitely a 5 star debut novel and I am highly anticipating the release of book 2!!! 

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