[Book Review] Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio by Serena Miller

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About the Book:
A mysterious outsider casts a long shadow on Ohio’s Amish country. Policewoman Rachel Troyer has always looked after her three elderly Amish aunts, proprietors of a farmhouse inn near Sugarcreek, Ohio. The idyllic town is popular with tourists, who come to sample its famous Amish goods. But one thing is clear to Rachel – Joe Matthews is no tourist. When the bearded stranger lands on her aunts’ doorstep, begging shelter for himself and his young son, Rachel is suspicious. Will she be able to uncover Joe’s secrets despite her aunts’ – and her own – growing affection for him?

About the Author:
Serena Miller decided to get serious about writing fiction while she was working as a court reporter in Detroit and found herself developing an overwhelming desire to compose a happy ending for every transcript she typed. She and her minister/carpenter husband live in a southern Ohio farming community in an 1830’s log cabin that has been in her family for five generations. She was delighted when an Amish community formed not far from her home, and has enjoyed getting to know these hard-working people. When she isn’t canning tomatoes, splitting firewood, shooing deer out of the blueberry bushes, or feeding grown sons who drop by daily to see if she’s cooked anything good, she helps out at her church and sings at the drop of a hat. She also falls in love with all her characters and writes as many happy endings for them as she can.

My Review:
Double bonus for me with this novel! First, it’s a WONDERFUL addition to the Love Finds You collection, AND it’s a GREATtastic Amish novel! It’s not your ordinary Amish story….I know,I know. I’ve said that about other Amish novels and that’s true for them, as well, in their own way. This one, though, is a really sweet novel written by an amazing talented lady. Serena B. Miller has a fan for LIFE now!

Set in Sugarcreek, Ohio, Miller takes us on a whirlwind of a ride as we meet Rachel Troyer, a half-Amish woman who is super close with her Amish aunts and protects them, along with their town by being a cop. Things are going good for her and her aunts. That is until Miller introduces us to Joe Matthews and his sweet, adorable, lovable little son, Bobby. I fell in love with that little boy instantly! Not to mention that his dad was a good character for the story, too.

The plot line of Joe Matthews having a mysterious past and moving into the cabin and then the daadi house at Rachel’s aunts’ Inn was fantastic. Rachel’s cautious and protective character really came into view when Joe arrived! But, can she trust him enough around her aunts? And why is he so secretive? Rachel really went into her role when she was running his prints and searching him out!

I absolutely loved the combination of learning to let go of the past, being open and honest, and  trusting in God to protect everyone. Miller mixed those up with just the right amount of friendship and love amongst Englishers and Amish, and added just a bit of lightness to the story with sweet Bobby. THAT is what makes up an incredible, heart capturing novel!

So, yes, I highly recommend this book to your already growing collection of Love Finds You novels, or if you don’t collect those, I still recommend it for your growing collection of Amish novels! It’s a more than 5 star worthy novel that will pull you in, settle you down and make you feel right at home in the midst of a wonderful little town called Sugarcreek! Well done, Serena B. Miller!

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