[Book Review] Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting By Danny Evans

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About the Book:
This book is not a diet book with the purpose of losing weight. Diets should never be associated with the biblical method of fasting. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that will help a Christian be more aware of their relationship with God through denying the desires of the flesh, which at times may hinder their deep focus on Him. If you will be honest with yourself, we all have problems with our natural man. The natural man is our soul, which is made up of our mind, will and emotions. The soul part of us is very much in touch with this world through our physical bodies. The natural man hurts and suffers (emotionally and physically) through sickness, disease, war, accidents, and age. It has appetites for many things (food, intimacy, entertainment, wealth, health,
recognition, comfort, etc.) and will lust, crave, beg, and commit any sin to obtain them. The natural man is an enemy of the spiritual man. The natural man desires the things of this world and the spiritual man desires the things of God. You can already see the conflict and that is why the Bible tells us to be holy, renew our minds, follow Christ, pray without ceasing and yield our bodily members to be servants of righteousness. The ability to control ourselves is reflected in our physical appetites. If these appetites are unable to be controlled, then our ability to control our minds and mouths will also be out of control. Fasting is a discipline that will assist us to gain and maintain control over the lust of the eye and the flesh. ‘Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting,’ will explain and guide you through the entire process with many helps and directions. While using this guide, your study time will be divided into five sections, each with scripture to focus your prayer and to study the specific areas. The sections are divided as follows:
1. The Presence of God, 2. Revelation and Enlightenment,
3. Your Calling, Election, and Direction, 4. Temptation and Trials,
5. Power and Authority.
This book is excellent for individual or group studies such as, Sunday school classes, intercessory teams, mid-week Bible studies, small group studies, youth group studies, etc. This book can be used for a 40-week study guide by dividing the scripture in each of the five sections for each day of the week for teaching or discussions. The five sections with scripture references is designed to keep you focused in each section for spiritual enrichment and growth. This is also to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Fasting can be incorporated into the 40-week study by a food item, a meal, a day, a 3-day period at a time, weekly, bi-weekly, or as the Spirit leads a person during the study/fasting period. This process will be to get all participants of the study accustomed to the practice of fasting. Remember, Jesus said in Matthew 6:16 and 17 of the KJV, NKJV, 21st Century KJV, NIV, NIV-UK, Today’s NIV, NIRV, NASB, AMP, ESV, NLT, ASV, and the NCV translations of the Bible, ‘When or whenever you fast…’ not if you fast.

About the Author:
Daniel has brought God’s presence into the lives of others through his books, teaching and preaching series, and through countless hours of counseling of individuals and families on many different levels. He has great leadership skills in church and in business. His business experience came from a successful family business before he went into full-time ministry. His writing, teaching and preaching will reveal the experience and wisdom through years of business and ministry.

Daniel resides with his wife and younger son near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Daniel W. Evans is an author, pastor, evangelist, community leader, conference and keynote speaker. Daniel has given some extraordinary sermons. He also conveys the power of perseverance through his powerful messages! Since Daniel was saved in 1982, he has spoken over radio with his own program to several states, appeared on TV as a host on a North Carolina station and hosted his own TV program for a few years. He traveled to different countries to hold crusades and pastors’ conferences. He has written books, produced tapes, CD’s and several series of study materials.

His passion is getting revelation of the Word to people.

Daniel is the leading writer of fact with scripture filled books that help others understand what God has revealed to him. Daniel is a natural leader that has written more than 14 books in a prayer and fasting series, along with the popular title, ‘Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting,’ and other books as well.

My Review:
I have always heard of prayer and fasting, even did it once or twice in church. But, the truth is, I never really understood what the goodness was in the fasting. Of course, I am a firm believer in the power of prayer so I got that part. But the fasting always confused me. I used to think to myself ‘why should I give up sometime I love?’. That was, until I read this AMAZING book by Daniel W. Evans.

This guide helps us spiritually grow closer to God. After reading this and following through, your walk with God will be absolutely refreshed and renewed. It will be stronger than ever. Daniel W. Evans combines his guide with daily scriptures to encourage through your journey in fasting and prayer. He adds special little places in the book to keep record of your progress, and other notes you may want to jot down. It really helps to push you forward with your fasting.

I am now going to be a new fasting prayer warrior, thanks to the amazing Mr. Evans! This book is VERY informative, and will answer any questions that you may have about your prayer and fasting. The power of God will move through you when you complete this book. It definitely deserves 5 stars, two thumbs and permanent placement next to my Bible. So, if you are wanting to walk closer with God, or just wanting to know more about fasting and prayer, then don’t hesitate to get a copy of this BLESSED book!!

You can purchase your copy here.

*Many thanks to my dear friend, Mary, for providing me with my review copy!*



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