[Book Review] His Calling by Jason J. Cross

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About the Book:
As a police officer, Debbie seeks justice against criminals. After capturing a thief and helping him turn to Jesus she receives the calling. As a reporter, Elizabeth seeks the truth in what she does. When she is fired by her boss for refusing his advances she receives the calling. As a nurse, Anna seeks mercy to all her patients. After saving the life of a gang member she receives the calling. God has called upon all three of them to be his angels on earth. Guided by a strange junk food addict, the three women seek out to find and save a man that the world has forgotten . . . but God hasn’t.

About the Author:
Jason J. Cross was born in Huntington NY and was raised in Brooklyn. He founded Four Sides of Cross Production in 2000 and has wrote, directed and edited many films on his own since then. He has a degree in Computer Science and Filmmaking. In school he met Lydia who then became his wife. Together they put together a number of films before coming to Jesus in 2007. Since then The Lord has opened many doors for them and they keep very busy bringing their stories to life.

Currently Jason has been focusing on writing novels and making animations. He is working on his second novel. “His Calling: Inner Battles!” and turning his first novel – “His Calling!” – into an animated feature which Lydia will direct. Find out more information under “Projects.”

My Review:
What a debut! Jason J. Cross really knows how to write a captivating story with a powerful spiritual aspect and message. At first, when I sat down to read this, I was a little iffy -even though I told the author I would be happy to review it for him- because it was a bit of a different styled writing. But, the more I read, the more I realized that this author has skills! I kept on reading and kept on feeling that message flow right through me.

While there is humor in this book, Cross weaves a mysterious element into the mix. It keeps the reader guessing on what will happen next, and when you think you have it figured all out, you go to the next page, and you get a surprise each time. Each of the characters that receive “His Calling” are perfect for the roles they play in the story. They are deep and meaningful and filled with a desire that only He can provide. These characters are called on to help the same man, a man who needs to learn that he can count on one and one alone….God. That God is ALWAYS there, even if it doesn’t feel like.

I highly recommend this interesting and entertaining read. It’s worthy of 5 stars for a debut novel, and I am going to definitely be checking out the sequel to this novel, His Calling: Inner Battles. If it’s like this first one, then it will be as worthy of 5 stars! Oh, and Cross is working on turning His Calling into a animated movie…DEFINITELY going to check that out as this book has the potential to be a fantastic movie!

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*This book was provided for review by the author*



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