About that entry form……

Posted 3 January, 2011 by Molly(Cover To Cover Cafe) in / 5 Comments

Well, I had 7 comments on that question I asked. The one about a Giveaway Entry Form. All of them said, in one way or another, that the form would be okay, although, one did say that they preferred leaving comments. SO….with that being said, I am going to accommodate EVERYONE. I am going do a TRIAL run for a few giveaways with the form. However, on the form there is a MANDATORY question of “did you leave a comment?’. So, it will still be MANDATORY to leave some sort of comment, even if it’s just to say ‘I filled out the form and thanks for the giveaway’. Again, this is just a trial run. If it works out then I will keep it longer. If, after a month or so, I see a decline in giveaway entries due to the entry form being used, I shall do away with it forever! :o) Hope this is okay with everyone! :o)



5 responses to “About that entry form……

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