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About the Book:
The daughter of James I, the Princess Elizabeth would not be merely her father’s pawn in the royal marriage market.

The court of James I is a dangerous place, with factions led by warring cousins Robert Cecil and Francis Bacon. While Europe seethes with conflict between Protestants and Catholics, James sees himself as a grand peacemaker—and wants to make his mark by trading his children for political treaties.

Henry, Prince of Wales, and his sister, Elizabeth, find themselves far more popular than their distrusted father, a perilous position for a child of a jealous king. When Elizabeth is introduced to one suitor, Frederick, the Elector Palatine, she feels the unexpected possibility of happiness. But her fate is not her own to choose—and when her parents brutally withdraw their support for the union, Elizabeth must take command of her own future, with the help of an unexpected ally, the slave girl Tallie, who seeks her own, very different freedom.

About the Author:

Christie Dickason, Harvard-educated, is a former theater director and choreographer with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is the author of The Firemaster’s Mistress and lives in London with her family.

Find out more about Christie and her other books at her website.

My Review:
Recently, I’ve become hooked on HF novels such as this one. There’s just something about opening a novel, sitting back, and being instantly transported back to the 17th century and thrust in to the Shakespearian Era. Feeling as if you are among the Kings and Queens, wearing the fancy gowns and jewels, during a time when you, if  you were a child of a King, were put on the marriage market, really left me in awe. I have had books transport me into history before, but Christie Dickason is outstanding and her work really does magic on my soul.

Reading Elizabeth’s story, as she’s forced to join with one suitor as a pawn given by her father only to find an unexpected happiness with that suitor thus resulting in the disapproval of her parents, was out of this world. I felt every question, every thought, every emotion that Elizabeth felt. It was absolutely breathtaking as my heart really went out to her. Elizabeth would go to most any length  to find her happiness away from her father, a jealous man who would do anything to keep peace-even pawning off his own children.

I loved everything about this novel. The beautiful cover, the fantastic plot, the perfectly complex characters. Christie Dickason’s attention to the rich 17th century detail was absolutely amazing and catching.

This is definitely a 5 star (and then some!) novel that should be read by EVERY HF lover. Rich in detail, captivating characters, and beautiful writing, Christie Dickason’s work will forever be on my book shelves to read again and again, and it should be on yours,

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