RIP Grandpap 3.27.27-12.18.10

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To all my followers and readers, last night, December 18th 2010 @920pmEST, my beloved and wonderful Grandfather, whom I loving called Grandpap, passed away. He was in his 80s and suffered for 10 years from Alzheimer’s. He was loving surrounded by family and friends at the time he closed his eyes and joined our Lord peacefully. He will be missed and loved and remembered forever. He was  a hero to me, always having nothing but kind words for everyone, even if he didn’t quite agree with them. He loved Jesus and was a wonderful inspiration to all who met him. Please, if you can, remember my Grandmother and my family in your prayers this Christmas season.

To all the people whom I review for: I am trying to keep the postings scheduled on the dates they are to be scheduled. There may be some that I will not be able to follow through on for the next couple of weeks as we wrap up this time in our life, so if I miss any postings it is with a wholehearted promise that I will post them ASAP. Thank you all for your wonderful understanding.

*The photo above was taken in 2008…it is one of my favorite photos of me with my Grandpap :o)*



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