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About the Book:
One day little Nicholas wandered away from his mom and his sister while they were out shopping because he has always felt mostly invisible in comparison to his sister Holly. Little Nicholas meets an old man sitting on a bench at the mall. This old man tells Nicholas he is Santa Claus and that he is very sick and dying. Santa Claus also tells Nicholas he will now be the new real Santa Claus and the elves would be in touch with him shortly. Little Nicholas believes this old man a hundred and ten percent that he is to become the new real Santa Claus. Enjoy this journey into a little boy’s imagination as he struggles in a world of doubt, continuously striving to turn non believers into believers. I believe my son is the new real Santa Claus no matter what other people may believe. The question is, do you believe?

About the Author:

Californian Kristy Haile earned an Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene from Northeastern University in Boston and then worked as a hygienist in Massachusetts and California. She moved from her hometown of Turlock, CA to Los Angeles, where her two children became actors on TV (The Office, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives), movies (Chihuahua: The Movie) and in commercials. At age 4, son Ty came to believe he was Santa Claus. Haile kept a journal of the funny and unusual things her son said and did over the next two years, as well as of people’s reactions to his self-identification as the “new real Santa Claus.” That journal was the basis for her latest book, I Am Santa. You can visit the ‘I AM SANTA!’ website at www.iamsantabook.com to connect with Kristy.

My Review:
Okay. Mixed review coming up. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a mixed review. I hate these, but sadly, sometimes they must be done. Wanting to sing high praises to the author for a fantastic plot line, but can’t because there are too many things wrong.

Let me say, again, that the plot is fantastic. And adorable theme of letting kids be themselves and express themselves, while completely believing in them no matter what, even if they happen to believe that they are Santa Clause….or even the Easter Bunny. The unbreakable, special bond the mother had with her son by believing in him was remarkable. In fact, it has made me rethink my relationship with my young, impressionable sons. That part I WILL sing praises for.

Now, for the hard part. The negatives. Wow. Where do I begin. I was NOT pleased at all with the choppiness of the narrative. The grammar, for an adult, was not good at all and the punctuations……well, let’s just say there were some where they shouldn’t have been and none where they should have been put. I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes with my reviews….I know I do. I’m not a writer, nor am I perfect. But, I truly feel that if you are going to put the effort into writing a novel of any kind that you should be careful about those things and make sure that you have a novel that is thoroughly and correctly edited before sending it off to the printers.

Sadly, I gave this book 3 stars. I want to give it more because the theme was so awesome, but the lack of editing and the poor grammar, leave me with a difficult decision of 3 stars in this review. I do recommend this Christmas story if you are one who can over look the editing, as the message is outstanding!

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