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Okay. I need to vent. I saw something today that absolutely made me utterly sick. Sick to my stomach. Sick to my heart. Our God is a God of wonders, but what I don’t know, or understand, is how someone could go against all that God stands for in such a vile way, as to create a “how to” book for pedophiles. That’s right. You heard me correctly. PEDOPHILES.

Today(or it may have been discovered yesterday), as many may already have heard across the media and Facebook and Twitter, has a ‘how to be a pedophile’ book up for $4 and some change for the Kindle. This is a book by Phillip R. Greaves II and it’s utter TRASH! I just want to know one thing from Amazon: Why? Why can a place known for being popular and selling everything from clothes to books to groceries and toys (VERY FAMILY ORIENTED) sell something so repulsive, so offensive, so ILLEGAL????? My thoughts are baffled on this! One thing is for sure. Until this TRASH is REMOVED I will no longer be buying items from Amazon, nor will I post my reviews for the books I receive on this site.

Please, if you agree with me, join me and many others in boycotting Amazon! Don’t let sick, perverted, lost souls take over this site or any other, when our innocent children are at risk!!!!

If you would like to sign the petition to boycott and stop Amazon from selling this please click here.
If you would like to join the boycott Amazon FB page, click here.
If you would like to see the trash of a book and leave a negative comment please visit Amazon here.



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