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Alpha Redemption
by P.A. Baines

This month, CFRB presents Alpha Redemption by P.A. Baines.
About the Book:
Have you ever wondered what would happen if one day we managed to create an artificial intelligence that was not only self-aware, but also able to love. What if that intelligence developed a belief in God? Would God recognize that intelligence and return its love and even permit it to enter Heaven?
Brett is a bitter and disillusioned Christian who has lost everything: his family, his job, his will to live, and his faith in God. When he is offered the chance to escape from his meaningless existence and travel to Alpha Centauri aboard a prototype speed-of-light craft called The Comet, he gladly accepts.
Jay is the computer system that controls every aspect of The Comet, from the navigation right down to choosing Brett’s meals. He is also capable of learning, with a child-like curiosity, particularly with regard to human emotion.
With nothing to do but talk, Brett and Jay soon become friends. Brett’s heart begins to heal just as Jay’s awareness of himself and God increases. Then, one day, Jay’s prayers are answered.
Alpha Redemption is a human drama set against the backdrop of space. This is science fiction with a soul that will appeal to anyone who have ever pondered what it really means to be human.
About the Author:
P.A. Baines writes science fiction that is both contemplative and profound. Educated in Africa, he works as an analyst/programmer and is studying towards a degree in Creative Writing through Buckinghamshire New University in England. He currently lives in a small corner of the Netherlands with his wife and two children and various wildlife.

Visit the author’s website at pabaines.com.
Purchase Alpha Redemption from
Splashdown Books, or Barnes and Noble.

My Review:
Okay. Let me be honest here. This was certainly not my favorite. Don’t get me wrong. I did like it, but it was not WOW enough for me to love it. I agreed to review this “fantasy” novel because I have been, as of late, reviewing several “fantasy” novels that I have really enjoyed (Grace Bridges, Caprice Hokstad and few others)…in fact, it is because of their novels that I gave this one a go. 

That being said, it wasn’t totally unlikable. As I said above, it was one that I did like, just not well enough to read over and over. The idea of a piece of electronics going beyond and reaching God? That just didn’t go over 100% with me. It was a little too ‘fake’ for my liking. 

I don’t discredit Baines for his talent. Not at all. He has true talent in the ability to take a plot and create characters that add meaning to that plot. The SciFi aspect of this story is truly SciFi. Definitely one to read if you are a hard core SciFi fanatic. But, he added to many things, for my taste anyway, that just didn’t set right with me.

This book is worthy of 3 stars. Does this mean I don’t recommend it? Absolutely not. I do recommend it to those who are SciFi lovers. It does have a Godly message to it that is not overly preachy so this book would be good for both Christian fiction lovers, and mainstream SciFi lovers. 

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