[CFRB Tour&Review] Legendary Space Pilgrims by Grace Bridges

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Legendary Space Pilgrims

by Grace Bridges

This month, CFRB presents Legendary Space Pilgrims by Grace Bridges.

About the Book:
If Pilgrim’s Progress happened in space, this is what it might look like.
On a planet that has never seen the sun, a harvester hears a Voice from beyond. It’s time to leave the oatfield. Mario and Caitlin escape the mind control of Planet Monday, following the Voice to unknown worlds where wonders and challenges await. Have you got what it takes…to be a legend?
About the Author:
Grace Bridges began to pen her first science fiction tale at the age of eight, during a homeschooling exercise in which her father asked her to write a story based on a prompt. It was an epic space opera called “Zebra in the Future”. Writing prompts are still known to have such effects today. At fourteen she wrote a novella based on a local urban legend surrounding secret tunnels in a hill called North Head in Auckland, New Zealand. Around that same time ideas formed for a virtual reality story which eventually became Faith Awakened.
That tale took the next fourteen years to form completely and be published. She was going to write the sequel immediately, but was interrupted by a vivid dream which became Legendary Space Pilgrims. After that, since she was in Ireland at the time, she proceeded to write her third novel about Dublin’s future. Now at long last she has returned with a sigh of relief to Godspeed, the sequel to Faith Awakened, while working on multiple short stories in between.

Grace is the owner and editor of Splashdown Books. She’s a Kiwi of Irish descent living in beautiful New Zealand, and a chocaholic cat-lovin’ Trekkie, Jesus freak, web designer, and all-round DIY gal who also takes care of the Lost Genre Guild Blog. Visit Grace’s Blog for links to all her interests.

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My Review:
Well. This was definitely different. In a good way, of course! I can honestly say, that this time a year ago, I would NOT have even THOUGHT of reviewing a sci-fi styled book. But, since joining CFRB early this year, these amazing authors have made a fan out of me! 
I really loved Grace’s writing style. She wrote in a way that was descriptive of the plot and characters and, also, in a way that was full of intriguing, thought-provoking messages that she scattered among the pages. She wove the classic good vs. evil into the fast paced plot of this wonderful new novel, and really kicks it up a notch as she shows God’s creations and a pilgrimage with Him is just what a person really needs. 
I felt myself drawn into the story and feeling the characters’ struggles as if they were my own. Not many sci-fi novels can do that because they are all written in a way to be fake. Grace’s novel is written with a real feel to it. Yes, you know it’s sci fi, but the plot lines and the struggles the characters face are what some of us really struggle with in a day to day basis.Well done, Grace! 
This book is deserving of a 4 star review! Grace’s technique in her writing is beyond words and leaves me with no choice but to recommend this book to everyone, young and old, sci-fi lover or no, it’s one that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s entertaining and is easily read-I read it one sitting! Though this is the first book that I have ever read by Grace, it certainly won’t be my last! I will be hunting down a copy of her novel, Faith Awakening, along with hoping for a sequel to Legendary Space Pilgrams! 
*I won a copy of this book off of the blog, Operation Encourage An Author, and used it to review for this blog tour*

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