[Book Review] The Husband Tree (Montana Marriages, bk 2) by Mary Conneally

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About the Book:
Hit the trail into the Old West, where a tough lady rancher and a seemingly aimless wrangler attempt to avoid the matrimonial noose. When Belle Tanner hires Silas Harden to help her get her cattle to market, the last thing she’s looking for is romance. So why does she turn into jelly whenever he’s near? Silas wants nothing to do with women, but he can’t seem to resist the pull of love when it comes to Belle. Can they make it through this cattle drive without getting hitched? Or will they steer straight into a commitment neither one counted on?

About the Author:
Mary Connealy is an author, journalist, and teacher. She lives on a Nebraska farm with her husband, Ivan, and has four mostly grown daughters. If you hunt hard enough, you can find Mary on the Internet like a middle-aged, female “Where’s Waldo” at www.maryconnealy.com  
My Review:
Confession time. I was perturbed at Belle when I met her character in Montana Rose, book 1 of the Montana Marriage series. I mean, come on now! Good, honorable guys wanting to be a family man and she was choosing the bums! When that happened, I honestly was a little reluctant to read her story in The Husband Tree and was highly tempted to skip straight to Wildflower Bride, but since I’m a complete sucker for reading a series in order, I gave it a go. Mary Conneally is such a talented, fantastically seasoned, witty author that she turned an unlikable character into a completely likeable-no, loveable- character. Now that’s FANTASTIC! 
From page one, we get a great dose of that territory humor and a fabulous trip into history. It pick ups right where book 1 left off, taking us into the crazy ranch life of 3x’s a widow, single mother of 4 Belle, who wants nothing more to do with men. I love how I saw myself in Belle! But then she meets Silas and woowee! Out comes the humor and the sparks start to fly! Now Silas, I will admit, is a man that any woman would love! (Can you make him real, Mary? )
I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I found myself laughing out loud at this entire story! It’s messages stand out of letting go of the past, moving on, trusting and forgiving. They are absolutely amazing! God’s love really shines in this book. 
What are you waiting for?! GET A COPY OF THIS FABULOUS 5 STAR BOOK RIGHT NOW! Especially if you’ve read Montana Rose. I can’t wait to dive into Wildflower Bride…these books just get better and better! 

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*This book was provided for review by Barbour Publishing*



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