[Revell Blog Tour&Review] The Seeker:A Novel by Ann H. Gabhart

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About the Book:

When well-laid plans go awry, can she still make her dreams come true?

Charlotte Vance is a young woman who knows what she wants. But when the man she planned to marry joins the Shakers—a religious group that does not allow marriage—she is left dumbfounded. And when her father brings home a new wife who is young enough to be Charlotte’s sister, it is more than she can bear. With the country—and her own household—on the brink of civil war, this pampered gentlewoman hatches a plan to avoid her new stepmother and win back her man by joining the Shaker community at Harmony Hill. Little does she know that this decision will lead her down a road of unforeseen consequences.
Ann H. Gabhart brings alive the strikingly different worlds of the Southern gentry, the simple Shakers, and the ravages of war in 1860s Kentucky to weave a touching story of love, freedom, and forgiveness.

About the Author:
Ann H. Gabhart is the bestselling author of several novels, including The OutsiderThe Believer, and The Seeker. Her latest novel was inspired in part by the many stories her mother and two aunts told her of growing up in small town Kentucky during the 1930s. She lives with her husband a mile from where she was born in Kentucky.

My Review:
I’ve always heard good things about Ann H. Gabhart and her books. In fact, I have The Outsider here waiting to read. I read about The Seeker on the Revell website and it sounded extremely interesting and full of history, which I love. Not only that, it was about the Shakers, a group of people very, very different from the world, and ones I wanted to learn more about. So, when The Seeker became a blog tour, I jumped on it, but when I sat down to read it, I was slightly disappointed at how slow the start of the story was. It certainly took several chapters in to the story before I was completely captivated by this novel, one set at the start of the civil war and filled with talk of Union States and southern slavery.

In The Seeker, Charlotte is introduced to us, with a bit of chaos in her life,especially when her father comes home with a woman half his age as his wife. She’s determined to marry Edwin,whom she has known since they were children, who is determined to live amongst the Shakers and have peace and harmony.  These Shakers are a group of people who don’t believe in matrimony and always in peace and harmony, love and freedom. Charlotte is a southern belle, whom Ann H. Gabhart gives beauty and realness to, who is determined to win back Edwin, so she leaves her home and joins the Shakers, convinced that she will end up with Edwin….but God has other plans, and quite possibly another handsome young man by the name of Adam Wade, for Charlotte. I stop here for fear of revealing too much more and giving away spoilers!

So, despite the slow start of the story, this book is one I would recommend you read. It has beautiful characters, emotional depth in plot, and amazing details to the Shakers and the history. It’s 4 star praise worthy, and, once I was a few chapters in, was captivating and page turning. I will definitely be reading other books by Gabhart soon!

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