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About the Book:
Life was good to fifteen-year-old Danny Roberts. He was a model student, playing violin in his high school orchestra and earning straight A’s on the fast track to university. But then things went very wrong very fast. The problems started when a teacher wouldn’t let Danny out of class to go to the bathroom – even though he said “I’ve really got to go!”

Danny responded by defying authority for the first time in his life. That shocking act of defiance earned him a suspension, and Danny’s troubles snowballed from there. But Danny isn’t your typical student, and he doesn’t take his lumps lying down. He fights back on his terms as he plots a course through uncharted waters.

About the Author:

Steven Verrier, born in the United States and raised in Canada, has spent much of his adult life living and traveling abroad. Publications include Plan B(Saga Books, 2010), Tough Love, Tender Heart(Saga Books, 2008), Raising a Child to be Bilingual and Bicultural (Hira-Tai Books of Japan), and several short dramatic works (Brooklyn Publishers, USA). Currently he is living with his wife, Motoko, and their five children in San Antonio, Texas.
You can visit his website at StevenVerrier.com

My Review:
Most all YA novels that I have read have been for girls, so when I opened Plan B and started reading Danny’s story, it was awkward. Not awkward in a bad  way…just simply different from what I am used to with female characters as the lead in the YA novels. Steven Verrier is definitely a talented man with the ability to tell a  story that will grip his readers.

From the first page, I was both captured and laughing.  Verrier really put the humor on in this book. But among the laughter, I found myself to be angry. Not at Danny, bless his heart, but at his teachers and principals, and classmates! They were just AWFUL to him! But Danny decided to make the best of the situation. He keeps his parents informed and doesn’t lie to them, like alot of the YA novels now a days do. It shows the importance of a good,open parent-child relationship.

Through out the book, Verrier uses different situations to show Danny’s ability to prove himself, to both himself and others. Danny is a teenager who just wants to go with the flow and do what’s expected of him. I am a mother of 2 young boys and I can only PRAY that they will grow up with the mind-set Danny had through the book! And I hope that they feel that they can always come to me, like Danny did with his parents.

So, I feel that Plan B is a 4 star book that should be given to every teen boy out there. It will make them laugh, but it will help them find their TRUE selves,too. It’s a different sort of book, easy to read and funny, but DEFINITELY worth reading!

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*This book was provided for review by the author and Pump Up Your Book Promotions*



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