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About the Book:
David Liberty is trapped within the walls of a nursing home, inside a failing body. No longer able to move, speak, or respond to communication, David longs for escape and welcomes his impending death. His plans are changed when he is confronted by an angel, Joelle, who questions his past and irrevocably changes his future. David is given a second chance at life, but not in the manner he had hoped. His renewed body and unchanged self are thrown into the lives of others, and he is commissioned to assist them in their struggles and bridge the chasm that separates them from God. As a penalty for a lifetime of merely “talking the talk,” David is unable to speak; instead he must use actions to demonstrate his love for God and others. David’s first task is to help a major league baseball player put aside pride and once again place his family above money and fame. Next, he is thrown into a new family, in which envy threatens the life of both siblings. In the climactic conclusion, David encounters a young boy whose family is held captive to sloth and anger.

About the Author:
physical therapy clinic and fitness center owner, Bryan Hathaway has dedicated his life to helping people heal. In an effort to reach individuals at a spiritual level, Bryan has taken his knowledge of scripture and love for fiction and combined the two in his own series of novels, The Guardian Angel Chronicles. Recipient of “The small business of the year award” in 2003, Bryan has been a guest at local schools and churches where he speaks on subjects like: “Winning in sports and winning in life,” and “Success after school.” His speaking topics are all inspired by tragedies in his own life where he learned firsthand about the fragility of life and that there is no guarantee of tomorrow.  Bryan writes to depict faith, love, honesty, and character so that one day his children could know these truths in life, even if their father was no longer around to physically teach them. Bryan enjoys his family and faith, the outdoors, sports, physical fitness, writing music, and a good philosophical debate. Bryan resides with his wife and four children in upstate New York.

My Review:
I was a little iffy at reading this book at first. It felt as though it was too long when I sat down to read it. But once I opened it and got engrossed in this story, I really enjoyed it. The author wrote this story in a way that will both capture the reader (like it did me!) and get them thinking.

Almost from the beginning, the author uses humor to lighten what would be an otherwise strong story line. Through out the book, though, there is still some heartache and strong situations, as we see David Liberty as an older man whose body is failing him. But then we meet Joelle, the one person in David’s life who can help him get a second chance at life. But David uses his guardian angel Joelle to tell Hathaway’s readers about Satan and his awful desire to win & destroy the souls of God’s children. Spiritual warfare at it’s peak in Hathaway’s first book in The Guardian Angel Chronicles. The fact that David gets a second chance at life only being able to use his actions and not his voice to show those he loves about God’s love for them is a unique “second-chance” story. I felt David come to life to speak to me through his actions in this heart-felt story.

At the end, I am glad I changed my thoughts from iffy to this is a 4 star book that teaches us this: actions ARE louder than words, God’s love is FOREVER and  second chances can really happen. I recommend this book to all!

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