[Book Review] A Gift of Grace (Kauffman Amish Bakery series, bk 1) by Amy Clipston

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About the Book:
Rebecca always dreamed of being a mother, and now she was—of two teenage girls. Somehow, it just wasn’t the scenario she had planned for… 

Rebecca Kauffman longs to fulfill her quiet Old Order Amish life by giving her husband Daniel a child, but for years she has been unable to conceive. When her older sister, Grace, who left the Amish community for the modern world, dies in an automobile accident, Rebecca is left custody of her two teenage nieces, Jessica and Lindsay. Now Rebecca wonders how she is going to take on this daunting task of being an Amish woman raising two English teenagers. 

Rebecca struggles to give the girls the guidance they need as she tries to fulfill her duties as an Amish wife. The strain between Rebecca and Daniel mounts as the girls search for their identity in this new home. Caught between her husband’s disapproval and her nieces’ unhappiness, Rebecca begins to question her place in the Amish community, her marriage, and her faith in God. Will she be able to reconcile differences in her home—or will the clash of cultures tear her world apart? 

About the Author:
Best-selling author Amy Clipston has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her fiction writing “career” began in elementary school when she and a close friend wrote and shared silly stories. After living in New Jersey and Virginia, Amy now lives in North Carolina with her husband, Joe; two sons, Zac and Matt; mother, Lola; and three spoiled rotten cats, Molly, Rico, and Jet. 

My Review:
Complete with recipes, Amy Clipston’s Amish novel is tender and warm, mixed with a bit of heartache and longing. Amy’s work is outstanding and puts me in mind of Wanda Brunstetter’s work! Absolutely loved it!

In this start of the Kauffman Amish Bakery series, we meet Rebecca, a young Amish woman who longs to be a mother. But it doesn’t seem like that will happen for her, causing her inner turmoil. But then something tragic happens and she’s forced into motherhood, taking care of two English teenagers. On top of this, Rebecca is struggling in her marriage and with her faith. My heart was captured by this young Amish woman who just wants to be a mother and good wife. I could feel all her longing and heartache as if it was my own. This book will make the reader both happy and sad. You’ll find yourself praying for Rebecca through her heartache and trials and hoping she never looses the faith in her life. A lesson of trusting in God and faith is packed deep within this book.

And, on top of my high feelings for this book, I want to give the author a personal thanks for taking me back to the town I grew up in for 12 years (even if it wasn’t but mentioned just a few times!) when she mentioned Princess Anne Rd in Virginia Beach ( I grew up on a street that was practically on top of it!)! Thanks, Amy!!

If you’ve never read an Amish novel, then I HIGHLY recommend you start with Amy’s A Gift of Grace. If you have read Amish novels, then add this to the top of your must-read 5 star,two thumbs up Amish book list! It will pull you in and make you feel  at home! I can’t wait wait to read Kauffman Amish Bakery book 2, A Promise of Hope!

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