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Finding Jeena
Kregel Publications (March 8, 2010)


Miralee Ferrell


In October 2007 Kregel Publications published The Other Daughter with excellent reviews. The Romantic Times Review magazine gave it Four out of Four and a half stars, with a very strong review. Two different major motion picture studios are currently considering the book as a possible family movie, and my second book in the series (Past Shadows) is on my publishers desk being reviewed for a possible contract offer now.

In February of 2009, Love Finds You in Last Chance, California was published by Summerside Press and Finding Jeena released in March 2010 from Kregel Publications.

Miralee Ferrell lives in Washington with Allen, her husband of more than 37 years, ans has two grown children. She serves on staff at her local church ans is actively involved in ministry to women.


Jeena Gregory thought she’d made it. She has everything a woman could ask for and a budding career promises more. But when rumors around town cast her boss in a shady light, Jeena starts to question her employer’s integrity. Was she wrong to trust this man and this job?

When the boss disappears, salaries go unpaid, and Jeena overhears several hush-hush phone calls, she realizes her carefully crafted world is crumbling. Shaken to the core at the threat of losing everything, Jeena is suddenly confronted with her prejudices─and with a God she had long forgotten.

If you would like to read an excerpt of Finding Jeena, go HERE.
My Review:
I had the pleasure of, not long ago, reading and reviewing Miralee Ferrell’s 5 star book, The Other Daughter, in which we got a glimpse of Susanne’s friend, Jeena Gregory. Now, Jeena’s back with her own story in Miralee’s newest book, Finding Jeena. I’m so glad that I had the chance to review this book, as well. It’s another wonderful story by a beautifully talented author.

Miralee really drew me in from the first chapter. The longer the book went on the further in I was drawn. My heart really went out to Jeena in this story. Many, many times I found myself in Jeena. Things she said or things she did was like seeing myself from another’s point of view. Wow. I can’t begin to describe how that made me feel.

It’s truly a story that’s filled with pain, finding yourself, amazing redemption and friendship. The characters Miralee created in this story really reflected out loving, heavenly Father and blended perfectly with Miralee’s story line. It really stimulates your mind, gets you thinking and makes your faith stronger.

In conclusion of my review, I suggest you read this beautiful, amazing-beyond-words, soul-gripping story. It is a 5 star book that will open your eyes, test your faith and leave you with an undescribable feeling in your heart.



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