Review of Tea Party Revival: The Conscience of a Conservative Reborn by Dr. B. Leland Baker

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About the Book:
From Sarasota to Seattle, something incredible, unprecedented and heartening is occurring: People are coming together to take back their country. They’re saying “enough is enough” to big-government schemes that serve only to fleece our pockets. “Enough” to growth of federal power, and “enough” to the expansion of so-called “rights” that just add more layers of bureaucracy.

Tea Party Revival: The Conscience of a Conservative Reborn is the essential guide to this grassroots and growing movement, which burst onto the national stage with the massive 2009 Tax Day Tea Party protests and 912 March upon Washington D.C. Concise, engaging and at times enraging, Dr. B. L. Baker shines a light on the worst habits of government and — most important — what we must do to salvage our ideals.

Favoring neither Republicans nor Democrats, Tea Party Revival outlines how true constitutional compliance leads to smaller, limited government, which results in lower spending, lower taxes and greater freedom for all Americans. It explains how overspending has placed our children and grandchildren in fiscal bondage for the next century, while answering, “How did it come to this?” Through it all, Tea Party Revival arms you with the information you need to cut through the media and government’s obfuscation — so you can take your country back.

About the Author:
Dr. B. L. Baker served in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for 26 years with the United States Army. His oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, led to his investigation of individual freedom, government control and economics. He is a professor of management at a private university.

My Review:
Not being a political person and following along with news of the Tea Party Rallies and such, I wasn’t sure what kind of review I would turn out after reading this book. I must be honest and say that I am highly fascinated with the thoughts and arguments this author has.

I was intrigued by what Baker had to say. Honestly, I am still a bit confused by all this government stuff, even after reading this book. My opinion is, everyone should just get along , but that is just my opinion. However, Baker brings forth his arguments and thoughts on the debts of America and the freedom of it’s people. He tells of the original Constitution and then shows us diagrams and compares them against the happenings of Congress today with their out of control ways.

After reading this book, I am still not a political person and it’s highly likely that I will stay a non political person. I still have the same opinion that everyone should just get along. From President Obama right down to all these ralliers. The world would be a better place to live if we did. But I did walk away from this book with a little more knowledge of the goings on of the government and I will pay a little more attention to the news and the fiscal bondage that people are in. It saddens me.

I urge everyone, even if they don’t agree with Baker’s thoughts and arguments, to read this book. He has good points and bad points, but all the same he is a person living in this fiscal bondage right along with the rest of us and has a right to express his opinion.  Please take the time to check out this book. I give this 4 stars for Baker’s effort in putting together a book that shows us a little more about the goings on of the goverment.

*A copy of this book was provided for review by the author*



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