Award time again!!! Thanks, Vicki!

Posted 16 November, 2009 by Molly(Cover To Cover Cafe) in Book Reviews / 4 Comments

Vicki from Reading at the Beach passed this my way and here is what I am suppose to do:

The rules of this one is to list ten honest things about me and then pass the award on to ten other book bloggers.

1~ I have two wonderful boys, ages 7 and 5.

2~ I’ve never been out of the country.

3~ I love the Amish.

4~ I’m a pharmacy technician(only part time though :o( ).

5~ I’m left handed…and yes I get made fun of for it!

6~ I love to read!
7~ I’m a single mom.

8~ I used to be a good artist(honors art 4 for four straight years).

9~ It’s not like riding a bike…once you learn you never forget…because I am now a not so good artist.
10~ I have never been on a plane.

I’m passing this on to:
Emily & Elyssa @ Daughters of the King
Falling off the Shelf @ Falling off the Shelf



4 responses to “Award time again!!! Thanks, Vicki!

  1. Neas Nuttiness

    Thanks Molly!

    I’ll do my post after I get back home. I’m doing fine – wedding and 1st reception are behind me and the second reception will be this Saturday. Then back home for Thanksgiving.

    Wishing you the best!

  2. Laura Fabiani

    I like your list. I noted 3 similarities to my life. Our kids and their age, loving to read and art. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Janet

    I do not understand how to post these awards on my blog. I really appreciate them, but I need a little help in posting them.

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