Missy’s Murder by Karen Kingsbury

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Most all of us know Karen Kingsbury as being the queen of christian fiction. I certainly have to agree that she is definitely the queen of christian fiction! But what about before she become a christian writer? She was a journalist for a Los Angelas newspaper. While she was a journalist she wrote four articles on four different murder cases. Those articles and cases were turned into books, one of them being Missy’s Murder.
As I’ve said, Missy’s Murder is based on an actual murder cases. A young beautiful girl, popular in school with and a loving mother, brothers and boyfriend, befriends a not so popluar shy new girl. This girl quickly becomes like family to Missy and her mom and brothers. Missy had everything the girl wanted:a loving mother,brothers,a boyfriend, popularity and beauty. Missy was even there with her friend when she got pregnant and had a baby and treated the baby like her own niece. Things seem so perfect….or are they?
Some things start to happen and they just don’t seem quite right. And then Missy dissappears. Everyone seems to have an alibi….or do they? Is Missy really missing like the police think? Or is she dead like her mother  feels she is??
Ms. Kingsbury wrote this well. As I sat reading this book, I was amazed at how much I felt like I was there. At every new twist in the book, it felt like I was right there trying to help solve this case. Karen really knew how to take the details of the crime and put them into a book, so that others could hear Missy’s story and help others so they never have to endure the things that Missy’s family did.
If you like murder mysteries and true crime novels, then this is an excellent, well written choice. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ms. Kingsbury’s earlier work as it showed how much talent she had as a journalist then.
This book was made into a television movie titled “A Killer Among Friends” and although the book was better, the movie was worth watching also.
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