Miracle Girls #3: A Little Help from My Friends by Anne Dayton/May Vanderbilt Review

Posted 9 October, 2009 by Molly(Cover To Cover Cafe) in Book Reviews / 0 Comments

Wow. This novel is a perfect read for those young girls who are growing up into beautiful young women and facing the daily struggles and growing pains.
I haven’t had the fortune of reading Miracle Girls or Miracle Girls #2, but if they are like this book then they are worth reading!
Miracle Girls #3 tells the story of a young girl reaching her period of growing pains. She has a serious boyfriend, who lives right next door. Once a truly shy girl, she is becoming more popular at school. And then there’s the new, handsome teenage boy at school who shows some interest in her. Will this new interest cause a rift between the girl and her serious boyfriend? And will troubles at home arrise and upset her world even more? She has friends,dubbed the Miracle Girls, she can turn to-or can she, because they seem to be having troubles of their own? 
Find out in this exciting new book from two very talented authors! May and Anne know how to bring characters together in a story that really tells of how teenage girls are really struggle in today’s society. This book really shows a lesson learned: The life can be turned upside down in a heartbeat but with the faith and love and help of God and some really great friends, growing pain troubles don’t seem so bad!!
I highly reccomend this book to all those young readers out there, especially if they are having growing pain troubles and need to be lifted up! 
Great work!!!



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