Let’s Go On a Mommy Date by Karen Kingsbury

Posted 21 October, 2009 by Molly(Cover To Cover Cafe) in / 0 Comments

This is a wonderful children’s book-a mommy/child time read. Karen Kingsbury captures the many different ways a child likes to spend their time, like parks, movies or zoos. She makes silly rhymes that will make your son or daughter all giggly…it did mine! But at the end of the story she captures the true lesson of the book: it’s not what you do to have fun, it’s about the loving, quality time that mommies spend with their children, cherishing each moment with them.
I give this book recommendation because it not only can make the children smile, it can make the mommies smile,too,when they spend that moment watching their child smiling and loved.

*This book was purchased from a book store by me*



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