Betrayed by Amy Clipston

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This book is the first book by Amy Clipston that I have had the pleasure of reading. And I must be honest and tell you that I am not a big racing fan, but I absolutely LOVED Amy’s book, Betrayed. So much so that I am anxiously awaiting a second racing series book to be released!
This is kind of a romantic mystery with a bit of humor mixed in. Set in my wonderful home state of North Carolina, Amy tells the story of Lacey, the young daughter of a Nascar team owner, who has loved the driver of one team car from afar for as long as she can remember. But while she’s away at college in Maryland, tragedy strikes-her father and stepmother both meet death in a fatal 1 car accident….but was it truly an accident?
Reese has known Lacey since the day she was born. She’s like a kid sister to him. So when news of her father’s accident reaches him, he’s determined to be there for her. But she’s not making it easy. In trying to convince Lacey that she can trust him he finds himself seeing her as a gorgeous woman, not just his “squirt” and he’s falling her. So what’s he to do when she tells him she thinks her parents’ accident isn’t an accident and someone he’s close to may be guilty?
Will Lacey accept his proposal and together they can find the betrayer? Or will she just move on and try to buy his share of her father’s company?
Amy has the power to keep you with the story from the first line. She mixes humor, mystery and romance in a way that will never bore you! It was hard to put this book down, especially with each new twist that came about! I recommend Amy’s Betrayed to Nascar fans, romance lovers, and mystery seekers because she combines all three in this novel and takes you on a ride you don’t want to miss!
*This novel was provided for review courtesy of the author*
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    Oh this sounds good…I just wrote the name down….can’t wait to read it:) thanks for sharing…I love book reviews!!

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