Be Safe Little Boy by Karen Kingsbury

Posted 23 October, 2009 by Molly(Cover To Cover Cafe) in / 0 Comments

A wonderful gift book for mothers that can be shared with their sons. It’s a book that makes you see that time and life goes by in the blink of an eye. It will help you cherish every second spent with you little boy, but at the same time helps you to realize you need to let them grow up, no matter how much you want them to stay little.

Throughout this book, Ms. Kingsbury shows the need to continuously pray for our sons. Whhne we hand this to our sons to read, he will see through the words of Ms. Kingsbury, that it is hard to let them go, but we, as mothers, need to so God can be with them and our bonds can grow stronger.
A perfect gift for a mother and son to share. By the end, you’ll be crying!

*This book was purchased at a bookstore by me*



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