The James Miracle by Jason F. Wright

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Dedicated to his wife, Jason F. Wright’s very first novel is OUTSTANDING! As with The Wednesday Letters, I read this story in one day!

A love that’s stale. One little boy’s faith. A wooden sailboat. And a lesson~learning story that will have your water works running and leave your trash can full of tissues!

Sam had a near perfect life. Holly did, too. They started out in a wondrous marriage as most couples do. Their most prized and highly treasured accomplishment: their one and only son, James, who had a love for sailboats and was determined to make one wooden boat float. He was the only reason they came home at night. They were buried in their work and their glowing love was dimming.

Then a random Thursday happened. Sam lost his job, and just three Thursdays later, an event happened that would change all their lives, drastically. Their faith and love is tested as the fate of their only son’s life lies in God’s hands. What will happen to Sam and Holly? Will they remember the faith one little boy had and believe in miracles? What will happen to James? But more importantly, what’s the lesson behind this story? Don’t give up on what you believe and love strongly…miracles CAN happen.

While reading this story, I truly felt apart of the characters. I cried when they cried, laughed or smiled when they did, and I felt like I could just hug them or hold their hands and tell them everything will be okay. That’s just the way this novel is written! I never would have guessed this to be Jason’s first novel, as well as it is written! MAGNIFICENT WORK!!! Five stars to Jason Wright for a story that will truly change the way you think!



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