Recovering Charles by Jason F. Wright

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Hurricane Katrina. An estranged father-son relationship. Faith. Love. These are the things that Jason has put in these compelling, moving pages of Recovering Charles.

When I started reading this book, I thought it only sounded interesting and, of course, after reading Christmas Jars and The Wednesday Letters, I knew Jason had a talent for writing that is truly amazing, so I wanted to read Recovering Charles, too. By the time that I came to the last page, I knew this story was so much more than just interesting.

This story is of a young man who has everything: a good career, great friendships, a girlfriend and a great future. But then the phone call comes…his estranged father is missing in the post-Katrina aftermath. He’s torn between ignoring the call or heading to New Orleans to help find his father and learn more about who he is and the man his father’s become.

As he’s searching for his father, he’s also searching for himself, and finding truths about himself that he’s not sure he’s ready to accept. He’s struggling with these things he’s finding out, and learning what regret and true love really means. Will Luke find his father alive and get the chance to finally talk to him, or will he, after all he’s learned and struggled with, regret things never said to family?

Find out the answer in Recovering Charles and you just might find your second verse in life, too. This book deserves highest awards as well as praises for a story sure to have you thinking about second verses, chances and true love!!! Well done, Jason!!!!



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